Harley Softails


Harley Softails

Thank God There's Harleys...   So, let's show them!

This Harley Davidson motorcycle website is dedicated to the Harley Softail® in every form, shape or condition. Doesn't matter what shape she's in, as long as she is recognizable as a Softail, and as long as she has a true Harley Davidson engine.


HD Softail Photo Galleries

More Distinctive Members of the Softail Family:

HD Softail FAT BOY Photo Galleries

The Fat Boys form a special breed of Harley Softails. Check 'm out:

HD Softail ROCKER Photo Galleries

Introduced in 2008, the Harley Davidson Rocker is a highly "customized" version of the Softail. (if one could ever call any motorbike right off the factory "customized"...;o)

HD Softail BOBBERS (beauty created in a shed)

The Harley Softail frame was designed to catch the classic lines of the rigid hardtail frames of the old Flatheads, Knuckleheads and Panheads. That makes the Softail frame very suitable for building a Bobber.

A Bobber is basically a motorcycle of which all components that do not contribute to speed have been removed. Get rid of those bulky fenders, toolboxes, saddlebags. No need for a passenger seat or indicator lights. Strip your machine down to the bare essentials. That's basically it.

Visit our dedicated Harley Bobber website!

Here's a few fine examples of Softail Bobbers:

Photo of air cleaner of 2007 Harley Davidson Softail.